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Find Supplies for Homeschooling at JCPenney

It's shaping up to be a different kind of school shopping this year for many students. With the possibility of remote learning again on the horizon, buying the traditional paper, pencils and backpacks might not cut it. Set your child up for learning success by outfitting your home with the best workspace you can. Any room in your home can be transformed into a classroom atmosphere. Provide kid-sized furniture: a desk and a sturdy, comfy chair for starters. Next, give all those papers, art projects and old-fashioned writing utensils, rulers and calculators a handy place to stay with storage and organization bins. Help keep kids on track in style with an academic calendar planner or journal. It's amazingly helpful to write down assignments and due dates.

Shopping for School Clothes and Supplies Made Easy and Fun

Kids and parents either really look forward to back to school shopping or they really dread it. But, rarely do they agree. JCPenney can be your one-stop spot to find all the latest trends in apparel, shoes and backpacks. And, since technology is ever-increasing in importance in the classroom, nab some electronics to be up to date. Playing a musical instrument next year? Yep, we even have equipment to fine tune your skills. Be ahead of the curve when shopping at JCPenney.

School Uniforms from JCPenney Make the Grade

We're your go-to store for stocking up on school uniforms for boys and girls. Apparel is made to last all school year. Polo shirts are pill resistant and keep their shape so kids will look smart all day. Enjoy recess more with moisture-wicking features that pull the sweat away from the body, keeping children dry and cool. UV protection is built into some fabrics to better block the sun. JCPenney offers the high-quality brands you know and trust, made to withstand the rigors of school days. Buy shirts, pants and shorts to last every day of the week from IZOD, Arizona, Stafford and more.

From Elementary to High School, School Clothes Fit All

You'll be thrilled to find sizes for all your scholars at JCPenney. Girls, Girl's Plus, Juniors and Juniors Plus. Boys, Boy's Husky, Boy's Slim, and Guys. Wherever your child is in the growth stage, there's a size that fits. All the common core clothes are here: jeans for boys and girls, tees, shorts and especially underwear for girls and boys, young men's and juniors. Add in some standout pieces like skirts, activewear and accessories, and their look will be head of the class.

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