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Shop Kids’ Accessories at JCPenney

Kids’ accessories vary in necessity, but they are all essential to a kid’s look and attitude. Sometimes they are super needed, such as belts or socks. Other times, they help make a child feel cute, such as with hair accessories or flip flops. Add flair to her look with bows, scrunchies or hair ties. Guys can look snazzy when dressing up with bow ties or suspenders.

Backpacks Carry Tons of Style

Whether they’re in school or not, owning a backpack is like a rite of passage for a kid. Choosing their favorite character or design is super fun, and then toting all their important stuff inside makes them feel grown-up. Find Frozen characters or other Disney favorites, such as Minnie Mouse or Toy Story. Maybe your child is attending daycare, or going to grandma’s or a friend’s house for the day. Carrying a backpack with their favorite blanket, toys, and art supplies is perfect for a day or weekend trip. For school days, taking your lunch in your very own cool lunchbox is key as well. Some backpacks are even sold as sets with a matching lunchbox. You can even let them personalize their bags with a keychain – pom-pom ones are especially popular.

Quick Gifts for Kids

When you need a quick gift for a kid, you’re sure to find a small something at JCPenney. Girls’ or boys’ accessories can include slippers or bags. A good summer birthday gift is a beach bag and towel set – perfect for all those pool days! And, as usual, all their favorite brands, such as Levi’s, Disney, Okie Doie and JoJo Siwa are here at JCPenney. Shop now and save online with free shipping!