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We all have a skin routine that we maintain. And if you're on the hunt to find the products to give your body that extra dose of nourishment, you have come to the right place. Discover JCPenney's wide range of body butters that will give your skin long-lasting hydration. Whether you prefer a luxurious cream, a lightweight oil, or a rich balm, there are numerous products that will make every inch of your skin happy. Check out the shea butter, body creams, body oils, body moisturizers, hand creams and so much more.

Give Your Body the Extra Dose of Hydration

The easiest way for your body to get its required dose of hydration is through body butter. For instance, go for shea butter if your skin is a little dry. Need something a little more nourishing? Opt for a hemp-based body cream. For those whose skin is a little oil, pick a lightweight body moisturizer. Use something with a hint of vanilla if you love the fragrance while deeply moisturizing your skin for a soft touch. In addition to this, pick for moisturizers that are rich in Vitamin-B it's packed with all the nutrients for maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Shop now and save more with JCPenney.

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