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We all crave beautiful, radiant skin. To help you achieve it, JCPenney brings you a wide range of bath and body products to maintain a skincare regime. Discover products including body wash, lotions, and more. They will pamper your skin for glowing and well-maintained healthy skin. In addition, you'll also find plenty of hand cream and foot care products for a soft touch. For your daily dose of energy, start your day with body wash. They come with natural extracts with a perfect blend of simple ingredients and fragrances, resulting in beautiful skin. You could also go for body scrubs which are essentially formulated to get rid of dirt while the small granules help in removing the dead skin. You could also opt for shower gels. It will let you stay fragrant all day long with the goodness of soap.

Body Care Products for Soft Skin

Give your body the extra nourishment it needs with JCPenney's wide range of body lotions. Most of the lotions are a perfect blend of ingredients that will hydrate even the driest, most sensitive skin. They come in a fast-absorbing formula that reinforces the skin's barrier and restores moisture to leave skin soft and supple. There are also other body lotions that naturally balance and nourish the skin with the help of oil extracts developed for everyday use. Find face moisturizers right here at JCPenney for softer feeling and radiant looking skin.

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