Hair Conditioners for Every Cut and Color Only at JCPenney

When we turn to hair products to keep our precious locks in tip-top shape, conditioner is much more important than we give it credit for. With formulas that give hair strength, shine, body, and volume, they’re sort of like the icing on the hair care cake--and there's something out there for everyone. Choose from well-known brands including Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Redken, and more.

Dry conditioner is great to use after the gym or before going out to help keep your hair silky-soft all day. For curly hair, we have conditioners made to fight frizz and humidity. For fine, flat locks, grab a volumizing product that will give your hair a bit of bounce. We even have sulfate-free formulas if you're chemical conscious or prefer to co-wash, and color-care formulas to protect between salon trips. Find shampoos and dry shampoos to compliment your conditioner.

Top-Notch Leave-in Conditioners, Hair Masks, and More

Conditioners aren't always meant to be rinsed right out. For hair that needs a little extra TLC, top off your routine with a leave-in conditioner that will keep hair silky on even the hottest of summer days. To keep your strands salon-soft between dips in the pool, choose a weekly hair mask or a strengthening treatment. When you've got an arsenal of high-quality, low-price conditioners on hand, you can choose the salon products that are perfect for you.

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