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When it comes to planning your vacation, figuring out the right travel essentials can be a hassle. Once you decide on your outfits, it’s time to select some beauty products that will last the entire trip. This can get overwhelming since there are tons of products in plenty of sizes and quantities. Fret not, we have you covered. JCPenney has all the travel-size beauty products like shampoos, style kits, and creams that will ensure you stay good looking even when you’re away from home. Available in just the right size and quantity, our travel-size skincare kits contain everything you need to nourish your skin. No matter your travel destination, packing a bevy of mini-sized beauty tools helps you to stay glam on the go.

Travel Comfortably with Mini Beauty Kits

Are you looking for an all-in-one travel beauty kit that takes care of your makeup needs? Look no further than JCPenney’s collection of travel-size makeup kits that will cover all your beauty needs in one go. Pick up a kit with a tin case that keeps your makeup brushes and accessories in one place. When traveling long distances, skin tends to become dry and flaky. For quick hydration, consider a facial cream or a mini gel pack to moisturize your skin effectively. To tackle puffiness and dark circles, pack an eye gel that will replenish the dehydrated area to provide a glowing and smooth skin surface. We even have travel size perfumes that ensure you feel and stay fresh the entire day.

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