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You can't have a serious makeup collection without an organizer and a makeup bag. After all, your prized possessions deserve to be placed in something special that's equal parts stylish and practical. At JCPenney, we've got the perfect makeup bags and organizers to hold your beauty products and let you travel in style. Their design is simply too cute to resist and they are sized just right to hold all your makeup staples. Some of these even have a built-in mirror for you to check yourself out in.

Pretty & Practical Makeup Bags & Organizers

When looking for a cosmetic bag, keep the purpose in mind. Maybe you need a hanging organizer for stashing makeup and other toiletries. Or a bigger travel organizer that's ideal for multi-day trips and long vacations. Makeup organizers are great travel cases that ensure you have everything ready and hand when you need to do your makeup on the go. They have the perfect size to store five or six beauty products you tend to use on an everyday basis. So, you can find your lip gloss or eyeliner in a pinch. If you're worried about the safety of your products when traveling, choose lockable makeup organizers. No matter the purpose, find makeup pouches and kits you need only at JCPenney.

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