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If you are obsessed with K-beauty, you have come to the right place. Experience the most fun and effective skincare products with the I Dew Care beauty brand at JCPenney. From quirky packaging to proven results, pick from a wide range of products that have unique textures and sweet scents with maximum efficiency. Choose from facial cleansers, skincare serums, masks, and much more. Not only do they come with their distinctive K-beauty twist, but they also work on all skin types with visible results to help you take on the world with confidence. No matter your skin concern, JCPenney Beauty has everything you need to tackle the problem.

Something for Everyone

Cleansing is a big part of the skincare routine, and you have got to have the cannabis oil cleanser. This bright green, balancing cleanser removes base makeup and helps clarify blemish-prone skin without stripping off its natural oils. Then, move on to the brightening serum that is fast-absorbing and packed with vitamin C. It will help enhance the look, leave an immediate radiance on your skin, and even the skin tone with continuous usage. It doesn't stop here: we have plenty of face masks packed with antioxidant matcha, charcoal, and vitamin C that suit your needs. While you're at it, don't forget to grab beauty accessories like a headband, silicone brush, and a metal scoop to help you pull out the right amount. We have all the tools to help you with your skincare routine. Shop now and save more online with free shipping.

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