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Nail trends are constantly changing, and JCPenney has you covered- hands (and toes) down, with our curated selection of OPI products. Show off your personality with colors that stretch from every end of the spectrum, whether you want a bold red or a pop of pink to coordinate with your wardrobe. And just like us, OPI cares about your overall skincare, so don’t forget to take care of your hands and feet by treating them with moisturizing creams and oils to keep them deservingly soft.

Mood-Lifting Nail Paints, Hand Creams, and More

Feeling adventurous, or maybe you want to match your mood? Choose one of OPI’s nail color personalities that meet your style. Stay on trend with a different color on each (or every other) nail, or double up and go half-half with two colors on one nail- like nude paired with a striking purple - because sometimes two are better than one. And for the minimalist in all of us, try a neutral color like peach, blush, or white as a versatile base. And polish off each nail with a glossy top coat to maintain the brilliant color even longer. Go beyond the nail polish and pamper your hands and feet with OPI’s exfoliating creams and oils. After a long day, gift yourself with a special at-home spa treatment by using the whipped massage cream or even the scrub that effortlessly soaks into every pore for long-lasting moisture, leaving your hands and feet super-soft. With every use of OPI’s products for your hands, feet, and skin, you’ll receive the luxury treatment you deserve.

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