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JCPenney offers an array of Joico haircare products for men and women to add to their regime to have the healthiest, shiniest, and strongest hair possible. No matter your haircare needs, Joico has you covered. True to its namesake, the brand is committed to ‘the joi of healthy hair’ by infusing its haircare and styling lines with technologically advanced formulas that protect the hair against color fading,  breakage, sun and thermal damage, frizz, and more.

For those with blonde and colored hair, Joico offers products such as its K-Pak Color Therapy featuring its SmartRelease™ liposome technology and ultra-moisturizing African Manketti and Argan oils that strengthen bonds and lock in color vibrancy and longevity. If your hair needs more extreme intervention to repair and restore any damage or brittle ends, Joico’s range of moisturizing treatments, reconstructors, and face masks will bring your strands back to life. On the styling front, no haircare regime is complete without must-have tools of the trade, such as Joico’s hair spray, hair serum, texturizing finisher, or dry shampoo, which will help you create the beautiful finish that you desire. So, whether you want a polished, sleek hairstyle that seals in moisture and prevents frizz and flyways, or more of a tousled, textured look, JCPenney and Joico have your scalp and each hair strand covered.

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