Take Your Bathroom Decor to Another Level With Pink Towels

If you're looking for a way to heighten your bathroom decor or bring out a specific color scheme, our pink towels are the perfect choice. With hundreds of different styles, shades, fabrics, and patterns, you're bound to find a set of towels that works for you. Plus, they'll offer the level of superior comfort and durability you want and need.

Get an Entire Bathroom Towel Set for Yourself, Your Family, and Guests

While bachelors might piecemeal a towel set together, it doesn't have the type of continuity or grace that you want when you're expecting company. That's why we carry both individual towels, as well as six-piece sets of pink towels. You can opt for classic, solid colors in dozens of pink shades, or go for a set that has floral patterns, palm trees, vines, or contrasting colors.

Even if you aren't a stickler for perfect bathroom decor, getting a full set of pink towels for a guest bedroom shows that you care. Your guests may not think about the color of the towels, but they'll love that you took the time to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Select From Different Fabrics

Every towel contains a grams-per-square-meter number that tells you how thick or lightweight it is. Lower numbers are ideal for gym sweat towels and beach towels, while higher numbers are perfect for the bathroom. Our pink towels also come in different cotton varieties. Standard cotton is a solid selection for everyday use, as it's absorbent and durable.

However, you may want to upgrade to Egyptian cotton if you're searching for something a bit fancier. With a higher thread count, pink towels made from Egyptian cotton are so soft and fluffy that you'll feel like you're at a five-star spa. Other types of fabric include pima cotton, Turkish cotton, and terry cloth for all tastes and preferences.

Get the Pattern You Want to Highlight Your Bathroom

You don't have to have pink bathroom fixtures, paint, or wallpaper to use pink towels to their potential. Most of the time, bathroom towels act as an accessory to your bathroom, much like pillows on a bed or jewelry when you're going out for a night on the town. This allows you to get the look you want without repainting the walls or replacing your fixtures. You can also add a pattern or several hues of pink towels to fit the vibe you love.

Choose From Reputable Brands

We offer top-quality pink towels from some of the biggest names in home decor. Izod and Liz Claiborne provide some of our upscale options, while our JCPenney Home brand is affordable and surprisingly luxurious. Head to JCPenney today to see the range of pink towels we have to offer.

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