Advantages of Bedroom Curtains

There are several options available for window coverings, but curtains are some of the most popular choices. With a variety of styles and designs available, you can shop for the curtains that complement your bedding and décor.

Bedroom curtains also come with a number of benefits. You can decide how much light comes in during the day or night, especially when you choose blackout curtains designed to keep your bedroom very dark. During the daytime, allowing natural light to come in can help to improve your mood and reduce your need to turn on lamps or overhead lighting. Curtains also prevent dust from building up in your room, helping to cut down on allergy symptoms when you're asleep. When you add curtains, you also make your bedroom more private and secure from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors.

When you add curtains your bedroom windows, you may also find that they help with temperature control in the room. UV-blocking curtains can keep the space cooler during the summer months, while insulated materials can help prevent cold air from seeping through the window in the winter.

Customizable Curtains

With hundreds of different styles, sizes, colors, and designs of curtains available, you can find the perfect addition to your bedroom. Add a splash of color or a touch of texture with bright or patterned curtains. They bring aesthetic appeal that blinds simply can't match. Bedroom curtains at JCPenney are available in many different lengths and widths as well, helping you to find the set that fits over your window to provide ample coverage. You can also choose from curtains with rod pockets, grommets, tabletop construction, or back tabs, for hanging them in your bedroom.

Rods and Accessories

Hang your new bedroom curtains with a stylish rod, available in many color and size options as well. Double rods add more depth to the window, allowing you to add two sets of curtains. Many people opt for sheer material on the first rod to let in more natural light, topped with a set of light-blocking curtains on the outside rod. Shop the collection of bedroom curtains at JCPenney to start taking advantage of the many benefits that come with choosing this option to cover your windows.

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