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Add Romance to Your Home With Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains complement many interior design styles, and they have functions far beyond simple window dressings. With the variety of sheer curtains on sale at JCPenney, you can outfit your windows and your home with the perfect collection of sheer curtains.

As window dressings, sheer curtains offer a beautiful, ethereal look. In rooms that boast many textures and patterns, sheer curtains can add some softness to the overall look. A long, flowing sheer curtain will help break up patterned wallpaper, keeping it from appearing too busy to your eye. Sheer curtains also look beautiful paired with heavy, dark curtains. If your bedroom has a set of velvet curtains or dark blackout curtains, pair those with sheer curtains. Create a gorgeous texture juxtaposition of heavy and soft.

In a room with tall windows, let sheer curtains drape to the floor. You can allow sheer curtains to be the only dressing on windows with blinds already installed. They let light in and add style to those windows. Blinds alone can look very utilitarian. You can put up sheer curtains in urban chic rooms, rustic rooms, traditional rooms, and more. They look romantic, and they tend to complement the design scheme you're going for. They're not overwhelming in the least, making them a wonderful interior option.

Sheer Curtains: Not Just for Windows

You can use sheer curtains in other spots in the house, too. A sheer curtain hung from the ceiling can help divide a room while still allowing for an open, airy feel. Tie it back when you want to open the space, or let it fall when you need that division. This can help you create a makeshift closet space in your bedroom, dividing your sleeping area from your dresser and mirror. You can also divide a child's room into sleep space and play space with a sheer curtain.

Try hanging sheer curtains outdoors, too. They can help give your patio or porch a sense of privacy, without offering the heaviness a set of outdoor drapes or blinds will create. They also look great fluttering in the breeze, and they may even help to block bugs from buzzing into your outdoor haven.

Sheer Curtains on Sale at JCPenney

Save money when buying sheer curtains online with JCPenney's sale section. Discover brands such as Liz Claiborne and Royal Velvet offering sheer curtains in a variety of colors and patterns. The great sales at JCPenney online make it possible for you to outfit each room with the sheer curtains that complement your color and texture choices best. Hop online with your kids to get sheer curtains for their rooms, too. Spruce up your decor with a few simple window dressings; you'll love how different everything feels.