Electric Blankets to Knock Off the Chill

Searching for less chill and sweeter dreams? It’s way too cold for an ordinary blanket! You need something heavy-duty; something that will keep you warm all night no matter what. No more tossing and turning, adjusting the blankets until they cover every inch of your body. Bring the warmth to you from dusk ‘til dawn with cozy electric blankets from JCPenney.

Stay nice and toasty with blanket technology that spreads heat evenly and minimizes cold spots. And just because your blanket is electric, that doesn’t mean it has to be limited to white or beige. Stick to solids with easy-to-coordinate colors or get creative with a classic plaid look or animal print design. Rest easy with safety features like low voltage and automatic shut-off when the blanket has been on for a certain amount of time or reaches a designated temperature. With trusted brands like Sunbeam, all you’ll have to worry about is oversleeping. Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean it has to feel like winter inside your home.

Heated Blankets and Throws for the Entire Family

Give the gift of warmth to your family with beautiful heated blankets or heated throws! Decadent micro mink Sherpa will feel divine against your skin. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, you can flip one side to enjoy the feeling of micro mink or plush Sherpa. This blanket six temperature settings and it shuts off automatically after 10 hours. Sunbeam Loft tech heated blanket takes the technology to the next level with 20 impressive heat settings on an easy to read LCD display. The heating unit is integrated into a ultra-soft polyester fabric, and you can find this fantastic blanket for twin, full, queen and kin size beds.

Working in a cold, drafty office is not the most ideal situation during the fall and winter. Get a heated throws to take to work and warm up your work day. The throw will stay securely on your body as you work at your desk. When your fingers have a few free moments from typing, you can warm them up in the throw's soft pockets. Your kids will love having the warm hug of a heated throw while they lie on the couch engrossed in the latest video game, book, or television show.

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