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Trying to hit the quality but failing? The answer might be right underneath you. JCPenney brings you a wide range of waterproof mattress toppers and pads for a cozy and comfortable night for restful sleep. They act as a neutralizer between your sheet and mattress, making them durable while adding an extra layer of protection. The most obvious reason for waterproof mattress pads is to prevent damage to the mattress from accident spill and stains. Mattresses are exposed to moisture, whether it's from spills, sweat, or humidity. Waterproof mattress pads reduce the number of irritants you're exposed to during sleep, ensuring a good night sleep and protecting your mattress for a longer durability.

A Smart Buy for A New Mattress

Deciding on a waterproof mattress topper starts with the protection you want. Keeping dust mites and bed bugs at bay requires an encasing cover. Safeguarding against wetting accidents needs only a waterproof mattress pad. They also come in a variety of absorbency levels. Usually, the thicker the pad, the more absorbent it is. Thickness is directly related to cost, so opt for a pad that meets your needs and fits your budget. While you're at it, choose our hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, or allergen barrier pads for an extra layer of protection against allergens and irritants. Keep the pests at bay with our bed bug blocker and dust mite barrier pads. Check out our wide collection of mattress pads and toppers right here at JCPenney.

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