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Find Your Perfect Pillow

Shop by pillow density to find the pillow that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Soft Pillows

Soft Density

Stomach sleepers should consider a very soft, low-loft pillow to maintain comfort.

Medium Pillows

Medium Density

Back and combination sleepers will typically want a mid-density, mid-loft pillow option.

Firm Pillows

Firm Density

Side sleepers should consider pillows with a higher density and extra support.


Pillow Buying Guide

A breathable, adjustable, and medium density pillows are best to accommodate different sleepng positions.

Get New Bed Pillows at JCPenney for a Better Night's Sleep

When you think of a pillow, the first thing that typically comes to mind is an incredibly soft cushion to rest your head at the end of a long, busy day. And this is exactly what it should be. JCPenney offers quite a few options of high-quality pillows that will have you looking forward to bedtime. Since everyone has different sleeping needs, discover our vast assortment of options that give you exactly what you like. In addition to traditional bed pillows, you'll see long pillows, memory foam pillows, contour pillows, wedge pillows, and many others.

Another point to think about is what kind of pillow filling you prefer. Check out our great selection of pillows with different types of filling, including down pillows, feather pillows, down alternative pillows, hypoallergenic pillows, Tempurpedic pillows, cooling pillows, and more.

Affordable Quality, Extreme Comfort

If you like a soft and luxurious pillow that is lightweight and easy to shape, you may prefer a down pillow. Feather pillows are similar, although they're not typically as lightweight. People with allergies and those who prefer more height in a pillow will appreciate some of the foam-filled options. If you are a side or back sleeper who needs extra support, you might want to consider one of the memory foam pillows that contours to your head and neck. While you're looking at pillows, don't forget to pick up some pillowcases. They're machine washable, so your pillows will stay fresh and last much longer. Find a comfortable and great quality pillow right here at JCPenney!

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