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132 results

Shop Men's Halloween Costumes at JCPenney

When you head off the biggest parties this Halloween, be sure to stop by JCPenney first and grab your favorite men’s Halloween costumes. We have fun men’s costumes in different sizes and styles with cool props like masks, hats, and footwear. You can spread fear by slipping into a Freddy Kruger, Bane, or Pennywise costume, or a different kind of fear by dressing as a Tacky Tourist. For a funny couple's theme look, choose a set of matching outfits that are sure to bust some guts.

Quirky, Funny, Strange, or Spooky – Find Every Halloween Costume for Men

Just because Halloween night is full of unspeakable terrors doesn't mean that your Halloween costume should be one of them. Pick funny men’s Halloween costumes like Popeye, Shaggy, or a bunny costume. You can even dress like Elvis or wear an inflatable cheerleader costume. And there’s no better place to find superhero costumes than JCPenney. You can reach for Spider-Man, Batman, and other superhero costumes without any hassle here. That’s not all! You can also get a wide assortment of Star Trek crew costumes. Get scary with a realistic monster mask or a famous supervillain Halloween costume for men. Add a few seriously terrifying costume accessories like monster hands, wild-haired wigs, or a couple of pieces of seriously cool prop weaponry for some scary details and extra authenticity. No matter how you choose to dress up this Halloween, we have the best Halloween costumes that you’ve been looking for. Shop for Halloween costumes for men at can’t-beat prices with free shipping!

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