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Halloween accessories are sometimes overlooked, but they’re just as important as the costume when it comes to an unforgettable Halloween look. What's a princess without a tiara or a pirate without his sword? A clown costume jut wouldn’t be the same without a brightly colored wig. Props make your costume look more appealing and make for great photo ops. At JCPenney, you can discover Halloween accessories for everyone at great low prices. Choose from a vast assortment of Halloween wigs, costume hats, helmets, tights, and masks that will help you create a remarkable costume.

Find Cool Accessories for Every Halloween Costume

Once you've decided on your Halloween costume, the fun part of choosing the right props and accessories begins. Will you be dressing up as a superhero character? Quickly grab a mask to protect your identity. Are you and your friends dressing as supervillains? Get your hands on a Thanos Infinity Gauntlet. And if you're getting dressed as royalty, we've got crowns and scepters. Jurassic Park fans can pick dinosaur masks while horror cans can opt for bloody masks. If you're planning to dress your toddlers in a unicorn costume, stock up on unicorn horns and pastel tutus. We even have bunny years, capes, and all kinds of wigs. No matter what you plan to dress up as, we have all the costumes and costume accessories at JCPenney. Shop now and save more online with free shipping.

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