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Now that you have your costume and accessories, you’re one step closer to an extraordinary Halloween. What’s next? Pick up some Halloween makeup to complete your outfit. Whether you’re planning to stay home and greet trick-or-treaters with an easy Halloween makeup look or head out to a spooky party in a full costume, find everything you need at JCPenney. Match your makeup to your costume for a show-stopping ensemble. Pick out bright lip gloss for your clown makeup, bold eyeliner to draw on your whiskers for your cat makeup, or black eyeshadow for your witch makeup. No matter if you’re going traditional, creative, or just plain unexpected, our collection has you covered this Halloween with makeup, costumes, costume accessories, and more.

Spooky Glam to Take Your Halloween Look to the Next Level

There’s no limit to the Halloween makeup looks you can create this season. Get a chilling look with long faux mink eyelashes to stand out at the biggest celebrations. If you prefer more of a scary makeup look, choose ghoulish black lipstick. Add blood-red nail polish to complement your vampire costume. You can opt for stars and evil eye nail art to add a sparkly touch to your look. Go a little overboard with an iridescent highlighter for your unicorn costume. Refresh your hair with a semi-permanent, buildable color. The best part of Halloween is putting on a crazy outfit and pretending to be something else for the night. So, celebrate with JCPenney and buy the best Halloween makeup and beauty products at great prices. Free shipping available!

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