Gabrielle encourages self-expression & authentic personal style. Her inclusive haircare brand offers affordable, salon-quality products for all textures to promote diversity & flawless beauty.

Thirteen Lune

Thirteen Lune launched this brand with co-founder, Patrick Herning, to create a community to help BIPOC beauty founders realize success more quickly with amplified support & on a bigger stage.

Imarais Beauty

The first line of plant-based and sugar-free skin care gummies that represent the intersection of health, inclusivity, self-care and sustainability.

Reina Rebelde

This versatile collection was born from Regina's passion and pride for her cultural identity as a Latina.  Her beauty line takes women from glamorous to fierce, aspirational to trailblazing. 

Urban Hydration

She’s committed to create clean beauty that’s affordable, and to provide drinking water for communities in need through partnership with WATERisLIFE.

Landing International 

This digital platform supports greater opportunity in beauty retail by championing brands committed to advancing innovation, representation and ethical business. 

Prados Beauty

An inclusive and uplifting beauty brand, founded by Cece Meadows, that inspires people through the lens of indigenous communities.

The Renatural

Revolutionary and innovative products that make wig-wearing simple, accessible and truly functional.


Miranda believes beauty is a lifestyle. Her brand, Mirabella, specializes in luxurious, wearable, salon-quality cosmetics, formulated with clean, skin-loving ingredients. They're free of parabens and gluten, while always remaining animal-cruelty free.


Youthforia was founded by Fiona Co CHan, who believes in makeup that is so good for your skin, you can sleep in it.  Clean, plant-based products are fun without compromising on high-quality ingredients or textures.  

Kmoni Cosmetics

They specialize in handcrafted, plant-based products using fresh premium ingredients including flowers, herbs, spices and plant-based botanicals.

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff encourages her audience to confidently own the many roles they occupy and their many moods and feelings.  Her brand is a destination where functionality, modern femininity and the current cultural moment converge. 

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742 results