Get into the Game: Video Game Accessories at JCPenney

Kids video games are big play. Gaming systems are hot gift items—usually one of the most requested items on wish lists for kids and teens. Investing in a gaming system involves more than just buying a console. Nowadays, there are tons of tech accessories to enhance the experience. After you purchase the video games that kids want, you can add on with extras to make the playing more enjoyable not only for kids, but for you as well.

Sitting for hours playing a video game can lead to poor posture and stiff muscles. Furnish the room with a rocker chair to provide some contoured support and active movement during the virtual battles and adventures. Gaming headsets or earbuds let kids hone in on the sound effects to give them an immersive experience, while giving everyone around them some peace and quiet. To feel even more “into” the game, try out a VR (virtual reality) headset that makes images so real, you feel like you can reach out and touch them. Gaming keyboards give you quick glance keys to make responses in video games faster and seamless.

Protect Your Kids Video Games

Since these gaming systems can be quite costly, you want to ensure that kids take good care of the pieces so they last long enough to make it to the next level. Protect controllers with sleeves to cover them. A dock charging cradle and battery pack can let you charge your systems when needed. Thumb grips give you extra traction and protect skin. Find a full set of accessories for Xbox gaming systems or get protective silicone pieces or screen protectors for Nintendo Switch. Ask a friend to join the fun with an extra gaming controller for Playstation 3.

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