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Pfaltzgraff Dishes Serve Up Quality Style

Make everything you eat more visually appealing when you serve it on Pfaltzgraff dishes from JCPenney. Cereal for breakfast, a lunchtime sandwich or a family gathering to share a gourmet creation are all equally impressive when served and savored using Pfaltzgraff dishes. This line of quality-crafted dinnerware lends the latest style to your table setting with durable plates, bowls and mugs that can handle daily use. Microwave and dishwasher-safe designs make them exceptionally versatile and easy to clean. From simple solid white to multi-hued patterns, Pfaltzgraff dishware effortlessly compliments a wide range of kitchen and dining room décor themes and palettes. Find your favorite Pfaltzgraff dinnerware set today and start eating in style.

Designs To Enhance Your Dining Experience

Spruce up your farmhouse kitchen or dining area with a lovely flowers and leaves pattern in warm, neutral hues or country blue rustic stripes or banding on a white background. Create a cozy coastal eating environment with beach and nautical-infused designs. Abstract, geometric and solid styles add a sleek, minimalistic feel to a modern home. Bring a welcoming warmness and comfort to dinnertime with earth-toned dishware brimming with Italian or Tuscan style. Whatever your personal home design preference is, you'll find a pattern and color scheme in Pfaltzgraff dinnerware that brings a fashionable flair to your at-home dining experience.

Colors That Complement Your Lifestyle

Update your current dinnerware with a new set of Pfaltzgraff dishes from JCPenney. Browse through a variety of patterns and hues to pick the perfect look for your home. White dishes offer a blank canvas that pairs effortlessly with almost any color scheme and let the natural beauty of the food take center stage. Warm earth tones bring an inviting coziness to any table. Colorful bands in red or blue deliver a vibrant pop of color to each place setting.

Quality Construction That Lasts

Since the late 1800s, Pfaltzgraff has been crafting elegant and durable dinnerware. Today's dishes are produced in stoneware, ceramic or porcelain and are safe for microwave use and wash up effortlessly in your dishwasher. Equip your kitchen with quality Pfaltzgraff plates, bowls and mugs that are exceptionally designed to withstand consistent daily use while still maintaining their beauty.

Best Deals On Pfaltzgraff Dishes

Buy Pfaltzgraff dinnerware sets for less at JCPenney. You'll find the latest stoneware, ceramic and porcelain sets all affordably priced. Weekly sales and Best Value! pricing provide additional ways to save even more.