Drones: A Cool Way to Explore Your World

We spy a new and fun activity to do around your house. It’s drones—the high-flying objects that can be piloted by a remote control. These airplane-like gadgets are some of the hottest gifts around. Kids and adults alike will enjoy controlling the device and making it do twists and turns in the air. Many drones are battery operated, and some have lights and sounds. Drones with cameras can take pictures of the view from above and send back to you. Discover quadcopter drones and drones that avoid obstacles with the help of infrared lasers. Find drones for sale from brands such as Sharper Image at JCPenney. You’ll love watching a drone speed through the air, circle around and return back to you, all by the simple control of a few buttons.

Remote Controlled Vehicles at JCPenney

Get your engines revving with a remote controlled vehicle that can go over hills, rocks and more. From traditional cars to boats, motorcycles, tractors and even robots. Make them go forward, reverse, make left and right turns and even flip! Take the action to a track with a racing set with plenty of twists and turns. Or, try a new take on racing with a virtual reality racer. You’ll feel like you’re part of the action by letting you see what the RC car sees. Plus, you can stream video directly to your smartphone for replays you’ll want to watch again and again.

As gifts for kids or even for yourself, drones and remote control cars provide long-lasting action-packed fun for indoors or outdoors. Controlling the vehicles requires skill, attentiveness and loads of adventure. Find them all at JCPenney at unbeatable prices.

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