Give Your Kid Hours of Fun With R/C Vehicles

R/C vehicles, which stands for either remote-controlled or radio-controlled vehicles, are classic toys that children love to play with. You can find these vehicles in plenty of sizes and styles for children of all ages to enjoy. While young children might not have the ability to handle a remote control yet, they can still enjoy the fun of pushing around a vehicle made just for them. Go for Tonka trucks which are large in size so they can push along the floor for their own imaginative play. You can also get toy trucks that are ideal for taking outside to the sandbox or backyard and loading up with rocks, dirt, or sand for even more fun.

Once your child gets a little older and can handle the controls, there are numerous options for R/C vehicles. You'll find vehicles specifically designed to do tricks and vehicles that are all about speed for racing. There are vehicles with favorite cartoon characters, as well as vehicles modeled after real cars you can see on the road. There are even remote-controlled boats for playing in the water. We also have an assortment of remote-controlled drones that are perfect for older children. You can take these drones to the park and help your kid learn how to do amazing tricks in the air.

Build Amazing Tracks

If you have budding engineers in your life, consider getting them a track set or hot wheels cars where they can let their imagination go wild. There are intricate sets that snap together so your children can spend hours creating new turns, hills, and jumps. Whether you're searching for a push truck for a young child, a special vehicle for an older kid, or a train set the entire family can have fun putting together, you'll find a great selection of R/C vehicles when you shop at JCPenney.

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