Shop Awesome Hot Wheels Toys from JCPenney

Does your kid loves cars and trucks? JCPenney has all the cool cars, sets, and tracks from Hot Wheels. These toy cars and sets are great for keeping kids occupied for hours as they develop problem-solving skills, enhance their creativity, learn about teamwork, and just have fun. Hot Wheels tracks allow your kid to figure out how to make the best racing setup. If a car doesn't jump the ramp the right way, your kid will have to reassess the situation and rebuild the track until it does what exactly they what it to. And who doesn’t love the rush of success when the jump is perfect?

Assemble the Coolest Hot Wheels Tracks and Sets

Go for classic Hot Wheels cars and Hot Wheels trucks for endless fun. Combine them with Sky Crash tower for ultimate motorized crashing and racing fun. Kids can boost their vehicles up in the sky for super-cool jumps and epic mid-air crashes ever. It also helps them learn teamwork when they get together to build tracks with their friends and family. In addition to this, it also encourages creativity. Allow your kid to take the help of furniture and pile books to create ramps and obstacles to fuel their imagination. Give your kid the joy of unlimited fun with Hot Wheels sets. Shop now and save more at JCPenney.

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