Home Audio Systems at JCPenney

Experience sound in your home with the best audio systems and speakers around. Outfit your cozy abode with soothing stereo systems that fit in with your style and your space. There are complete systems that feature turntables, cassette players, FM radio and even speakers all in one. Go bold with surround sound systems featuring Bluetooth and USB technology. Heighten your home movie watching experience with a home theater speaker system. Speakers for indoors can be small enough to fit on bookshelves, groovy with dancing water displays or lit up, such as a lantern speaker. Outdoor speakers can mimic the look of rocks for a hidden pop of sound, or they can be mounted on a patio for a wave of sound that carries across the backyard.

Vintage Looks with Modern Features

Maybe you want the clear, crisp sounds of today, but within the box of an old-fashioned turntable? Get the best of both with a nostalgic record player. Victrola brand specializes in classic, retro designs to take you back to simpler times. Find old records in resale shops or buy new ones in major retailers—playing records never goes out of style. Lift the lid, put the 33 or 45 rpm record on, lower the needle and sit back or dance around to the music you love. Many record player offer streaming through Bluetooth, and radio tuners for other options to listen to your faves. Display on a piece of furniture or add on a stand for ease of use.

No matter how you prefer to listen to music on home, you’ll find plenty of options at JCPenney to make your home a sanctuary of sound.

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