Fitness Trackers Monitor Your Movement

Push yourself to stay active and move more with an activity tracker, also known as fitness trackers. JCPenney carries options from the top brands, including Garmin and Misfit. Fitness trackers range from simple pedometers, or step counters, to more advanced trackers that monitor heart rate, calories burned during a workout, minutes of activity, how often you stand up and move around during the day, and other factors. In the past, pedometers were the only option and they weren't always easy to wear. The new models come with wrist straps, making these fitness trackers look more like a fashion statement.

Why Wear an Activity Tracker?

Activity trackers come with powerful benefits. Many wearers report they are more committed to their fitness regimens when they can keep track of their progress. Weight loss and improving your fitness can take some time, but the ability to see statistics on your day from your smartphone or right on your wrist makes it easier to stay motivated. Fitness trackers can also help improve your accountability. Some options come with built-in reminders to get up and walk around to reach your goal.

Wearing a fitness tracker can also make physical activity feel more like a game. If you set a goal of taking 10,000 steps every day, you might feel more challenged to go for a walk after dinner or spend a half hour on the elliptical to reach that goal. Without a tracker, it's more likely you'll be among the group that ditches the fitness goal because you aren't able to track your progress very well.

Options and Styles

If you've never worked a fitness tracker, you may not know what to expect. There are a number of options available at JCPenney, allowing you to choose the activity tracker that fits with your lifestyle and complements your personal style. Most of these trackers are available with changeable bands, so you can stick to one color or buy several designs and swap them out as the mood strikes. Adjustable bands ensure a perfect fit on every wrist without slipping off or feeling too tight.

Shop the selection of fitness trackers at JCPenney to find the perfect style that will help you stay motivated and get healthy.

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