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Elegant Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom is much more than merely a toilet and a bathtub. Multiply its functionality and appearance a dozen times over by outfitting it with handsome bathroom furniture. Expand your bathroom storage capacity! Bathroom linen cabinets can hold various essentials such as extra bath towels, while wall-mounted mirror cabinets can help save space and provide an extra mirror, perfect for getting ready. All of this extra space to store medicine, lotion, makeup, and hair products will be handy for reducing clutter. Opt for floor cabinets if you live in an apartment. Extra bathroom shelves can be mounted above the ground level drawers and cabinets for a one-two combo of form and function. Over the toilet cabinets easily fit over and around your toilet and boast high shelving and cabinets that clear the top of the toilet tank.

Think about putting one or two stools to make it easier to apply makeup or style hair—and let’s not forget they’re perfect for putting our change of clothes while in the shower. Then if the ceiling allows it, pop in a bathroom tower shelf for an end-all solution to bathroom furniture and storage. Whichever way you decide to outfit the bathroom, we’ve got styles ranging from wood and rattan to stainless steel—anything needed to match the bathroom accessories already in place!