Tie the Room Together With Dining Sets

Discover dining sets in every size—small, medium, and large—and pretend you're Goldilocks until you find just the right table and chairs. Pick out a spacious dining table with room for six and envision all the dinner parties and holiday meals you can host throughout the years, or go for a more informal approach and design a cozy nook for meals. No matter your budget, aesthetic, or space restrictions, there's a dining room set that's made for you.

The Full Dining Experience

Do you dream of dinner parties? Imagine your guests sitting around a massive table, engaging in lively conversation as they marvel at your gourmet culinary skills and praise your hosting abilities. If that's your fantasy—and if you have space, of course—then large dining sets are your focus. Look for tables that seat six or more, always keeping in mind the amount of space you have. Round tables are ideal for dining rooms that fall on the smaller side, but when you're dealing with an unlimited amount of room, a square or rectangular table is best.

Middle of the Road

Got room for four? Check out five-piece dining sets with seating for up to four people. There's typically room for an extra chair, just in case the odd guest drops by for dinner. Complement modern decor with sleek black pieces, boxy silhouettes, and iron, metal, or glass details. Mismatched chairs and thick, sturdy tables give off a funky house vibe, while maple and oak sets evoke a rich, formal feel. You can cheat with seating and space by incorporating a bench along the length of one side.

A Table Meant for Two

Bar and pub tables are the perfect dining sets for smaller spaces if you live alone or only need space for two. They also work on patios, balconies, or sunrooms. You can even make a breakfast nook that's separate from your formal dining room. Keep it simple with a table and two stools in neutral colors, or pick out a bar set that can do double-duty as a breakfast area and home bar. Iron pieces create a Parisian vibe, or you can decorate with a kitsch collection of bottle cap-topped pieces.

Put together a cute cafe corner for intimate meals, make room for your entire circle of people, or uncover a table that fits right in the middle. With the array of dining sets at JCPenney, the only problem you'll have is picking just one.

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