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84 results

Teen and Kids’ Furniture

If you're decorating your child's room, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all possibilities. At JCPenney, you can find all kinds of furniture to give you ideas for making your kids' rooms fun, functional, and uncluttered. With a little bit of money and creativity, you can transform a pedestrian bedroom into a magical space.

Beds for Kids of All Ages

When you're shopping for kids furniture for younger children, the selection of toddler beds at JCPenney makes it easy to find the right piece. Bedroom furniture options include a bed, dresser, and nightstand. Maybe you want a complete set of bedroom furniture for a clean and uniform look. If your children share a room, consider bunk beds. They're great space-savers and always fun for the kids. You can even find themed beds with your kids' favorite characters, sports, or other designs.

Teenagers often outgrow their childhood twin beds, so JCPenney also offers full, queen, and king beds to accommodate their taller frames. Kids tend to accumulate more stuff as they grow, so you might want to consider a bed with built-in drawers. If you don't like the bulk of a full bed frame, a headboard is an aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Dressers, Bookshelves, Toy Boxes and More

Your children need places in their bedrooms to store their clothing, toys, games, accessories, and other items. JCPenney carries all kinds of dressers, chests, bookshelves, and toy boxes. Some serve multiple purposes, like dressers with built-in mirrors and toy boxes with backrests.

These days, computer desks are almost a necessity. With all the types, sizes, and configurations available, from simple tempered-glass table desks to fancy L-shaped workstations, you're bound to find a desk that fits your room. A corner desk is a good solution for bedrooms short on space.

Beanbag Chairs and More Bedroom Seating

For a good night's sleep, experts recommend that a bed be used only for sleeping, so if space permits, a bedroom should have some seating. Beanbag chairs, always popular with kids, offer affordable, casual comfort. For a younger child's bedroom, try a kid-sized set of table and chairs. For doing homework, it's helpful to have a high-backed chair to encourage good posture.

If it's time to update your kids' bedrooms, browse the dizzying assortment of kids and teen furniture at JCPenney. You're sure to find exactly what you want.

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