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Decorative Accents Add a Dash of Elegance to the Home

Fun accents are a little bit like jewelry - while they may be small, they round out the entire look of your home. A wrought iron coat rack by the front door adds a hint of rustic ambiance to a foyer, while a set of crystal vases in the living room looks undoubtedly elegant. Decorative accents look great all over the house, and each one makes your house that much more personal.

Attractive Accents for Every Room

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the house for these decorative elements, which is no surprise. Both fashionable and functional, they make this room even more efficient and welcoming. Barware is a must for any well-stocked kitchen, while serving trays are a huge help when you're entertaining. A beautiful set of candleholders will accessorize both your dining room tables, and your family dinner table, while the right collection of bowls makes all your home-cooked meals look that much better. Last but not least, don't forget the Lazy Susan! It takes family style eating to a whole new level. Another popular spot for accents is the living room, where coasters, coat racks and board games abound. When choosing the right assortment of decor for this room, think about function: A large wicker basket makes storing blankets near the couch easy, while trays make eating popcorn on the couch during movie night that much more special. Wall shelves and ledges will allow you to put your favorite family photos out where everyone can see, even if you don't have a table. Looking for a little extra something to display on those shelves as well? Opt for a few figurines. When it comes to decorative accents, there's no way to choose them wrong. It's all about selecting what fits your style—and with such affordable prices, they're all sure to fit your budget as well.

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