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Mirrors remain one of the most versatile decorative elements in the house. They look great in every room, from your kitchen to your bedroom, and both functional and stylish. While full-length mirrors in your closet are ideal for checking out your outfit for the day, smaller mirrors on the wall in your living room will reflect light and make the entire space look bigger and brighter. This kind of wall décor can do no wrong. Or simply opt for a traditional mirrored dresser that compliments your bedding sets. With so many different shapes and sizes, mirrors are a great way to express your style. Dresser mirrors are one of the most important items to have in your bedroom, and they often complement the surrounding furniture. Be sure to choose one that's large enough to enhance and illuminate the room. On the other hand, a floor mirror is a statement piece that can make your bedroom look extra bold. Opt for one with an interesting frame and watch the corner of the room transform from our well-known brand – Signature Design by Ashley.

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Mirrors can also function as artwork and often come in various shapes and sizes to make any wall look fabulous. You're sure to find something that enhances the rest of your artwork, from round mirrors to scalloped mirrors and diamond mirrors. These decorative wall mirrors are perfect in any room, particularly small or cramped ones such as vanity mirrors. An unexpected place to put these wall mirrors is in the area of your home where you enter and exit the house - they let you double-check your look last minute!

Mirrors can be a great asset to any decor scheme, and they're often underrated. Available at such affordable prices at JCPenney, there's no reason you can't have an abundance adorning your walls at home!

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