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Coffee Makers: Single Cup, Multi-Cup & More

Coffee makers at JCPenney will make your coffee your just the way you like it every time. Nothing perks up your morning or afternoon like a good cup of joe. It’s perfect for removing the chill from your body on a chilly morning. Some people don’t feel like themselves without until they drink their first cup of hot java. Make sure you have a fresh pot of coffee on hand all day long when one of our fantastic coffee makers.

Coffee makers have greatly expanded in scope and ability. They come with high tech features to ensure the perfectly brewed cup every time and to make life easier for you. Single cup coffee makers are ideal for people who drink one or two cups a day. You only make exactly what your need right then and there. There’s absolutely no left over coffee with a single cup brewer. Keurig has one of the most in demand single cup systems.

Heavy coffee drinkers need something a bit more robust. You’ll go crazy making a single cup of coffee each time you’re ready for a fresh cup. Coffee makers that can brew and hold several cups worth of coffee at one time are the perfect fit. From 10 cups to 12 cups and beyond, these mega makers can brew enough coffee to last the entire day. Plus many of them come with warming components that will keep your coffee warm long after it’s been brewed. These types of coffee makers can come with an internal pot or a traditional carafe. Take your coffee drinking experience to the next level with the handy Ninja Coffee bar. With the Ninja Coffee bar, you get two types of coffee for the price of one machine. Enjoy hot or cold coffee whenever you feel like it without losing precious counter space with yet another machine. We know you’ll find your dream coffee makers at JCPenney, whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a dabbler!

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