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Shop Cuisinart Cookware at JCPenney

A complete cookware set helps you prepare tasty meals in no time. Whether you’re putting together your apartment kitchen or want to replace mismatched pans, JCPenney’s collection of cookware will make the process easier. From Cuisinart cookware sets and pans to stainless steel racks, invest in kitchen essentials that are dishwasher-safe and easy to hold. For example, a casserole dish is an ideal pan for baking cheesy lasagnas, meats, and vegetables. Unlike other roasting dishes, a baking pan can also be used for serving meals directly from the oven to the dining table. Plus, the casserole dishes are broiler-safe and offer even heat conduction for faster cooking.

Sturdy Cuisinart Cookware for Home Cooks

Stock up on basic cookware sets including frying pans, lid racks, saucepans, and skillets. JCPenney’s collection of Cuisinart cookware pans ticks all the right boxes in terms of quality, durability, and size. Their unique designs, triple-layer construction, and ergonomic handles offer a seamless cooking experience every time. Likewise, their stainless-steel surfaces are covered with a thick aluminum coating for excellent heat distribution, so every dish comes out evenly cooked. You’ll find that their tempered glass lids seal in flavor and nutrients, so you get delicious meals without making a mess. The hard-anodized exteriors make the cookware extremely sturdy and able to withstand high temperatures effectively, so update your kitchen with Cuisinart cookware today.

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