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Dinnerware and Dish Sets for Entertaining

What better way to present the results of your cooking than nestled on top of a fancy dinnerware set? It’s about time to replace your chipped, faded and aging plates and bowls set with shiny new ones! Choose from our broad range of fine place settings, from elegant porcelain dinnerware sets to classic ceramic and stoneware dinner plates. Colors vary from clean and classic white dish sets that makes food stand out to soft pastel shades that can accentuate your tablecloths and table runners. Or, make a bold proclamation with some eye-grabbing colorful dinneware sets that infuse meals with a contemporary flair. Textures and materials play a role as well—lovely porcelain and china is a beautiful choice, but for something a bit more robust, a set of glazed stoneware can’t be beat.

One more thing to remember is to coordinate the dining room table and dining room chairs with the new tableware—it might sound like a lot of work, but that moment when everything is set, the guests are seated and food is finally presented on your immaculately assembled dining tablescape—that one moment will be more than worth it!

Melamine, Stoneware, and Porcelain Dinnerware Sets

Bring a double dose of dazzle to your dinner table with gorgeous new dinner plates to compliment your culinary skills. We carry stoneware dinner plates, which are fantastic choices for everyday use thanks to their durability and chip resistance. Stoneware is made with refined clay and fired at higher temperatures than Earthenware. Melamine is also another dinnerware material that is great for everyday use because it’s practically indestructible! It’s highly resistant to breaking and scratch marks from utensils. If you’re the parent of small children, melamine dishes are an excellent investment. Porcelain and china are classic formal dinner plate materials. Their light weight and beautiful designs only add to the decadence of a formal meal. No matter the type of material you choose, you’ll find a budget friendly option at JCPenney.

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