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Whether you are entertaining a large guest party or sitting together for a weekday family dinner, JCPenney will help you complement your beautiful glassware. We offer products from well-known quality brands like Cambridge, Wine Enthusiast, and more. If you're entertaining during the daytime, set out a pitcher for iced tea or a set of mason jars your guests will love. And don't forget to check out our wide selection of teacups and coffee mugs before you take your morning or afternoon coffee break.

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JCPenney can help you find an elegant set of wine glasses of dinnerware sets for that special compliment to your dinners. Are you celebrating something or someone special? Then uncork the champagne and use one of our champagne flutes to share in the joy. If you're serving wine with dinner at JCPenney, you will find high-quality wine glasses to enjoy your favorite wines fully. Red wines are very bold and greatly benefit from larger wine glasses. In contrast, white wines and other types of delicate wines are best enjoyed with less oxidation, so you'll want to drink them from taller and narrower glasses. In a less formal setting, you may grab one of our stemless wine glasses. If you prefer beer, we offer you great beer tasting sets, old-fashioned highball, and craft beer links to glasses. If you want to keep your Moscow mule cocktails properly cold, choose one of our pitchers or Moscow mule mugs from brands like Schott Zwiesel .

What's the point of having great wine if it is stored improperly? To further enhance your wine experience, buy one of our wine refrigerators. Our wine refrigerators will keep your wine at optimal temperatures to enhance the shelf life and flavors. With a set of fantastic new wine glasses and a new wine refrigerator, your home will be known as the place for the best wine! Shop for glassware and barware at JCPenney to save more with free shipping.

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