Kitchen Rugs

JCPenney knows that kitchen floors tend to get cold, so it is nice to have a cozy rug to keep it more comfortable. JCPenney has a selection of kitchen rugs in many sizes, colors, and shapes. Look for wedge shaped rugs as well as round and oval rugs to suit your space. Find rectangular runner rugs and washable rugs as well as polypropylene anti-fatigue mats made with memory foam to help take some of the stress off. Find stylish kitchen rugs in many shapes and colors that will suit your décor in the JCPenney selection of kitchen rugs.

Runner Rugs

Choose runner rugs for kitchen floors to cover those long stretches of high-traffic area and protect your floor. Look for patterned, reversible, and washable rectangular runner rugs to keep your busy kitchen looking good. Runner rug from JCPenney made for kitchen spaces can help dampen ambient sound as well as protect floors from the wear and tear of heavy traffic. Find runner rugs in neutrals or look for more vibrant colors and patterns. The kitchen is often the most popular room in the house for a reason! Keep your floors looking good with a washable runner rug from JCPenney and dress up your best room.

Anti Fatigue Mats

Standing in the same spot can be hard on feet and legs. Anti fatigue mats made from memory foam provide a softer standing surface and can help ease the strain on joints. Look for anti fatigue mats from JCPenney in neutral solid colors or with pretty patterns or designs. Choose rectangular or wedge-shaped mats to suit your space and make your kitchen a more comfortable spot for your feet. A memory foam mat feels great on feet and JCPenney has anti fatigue styles that will look great in your kitchen. Place one by the sink, countertop, stove, or wherever you spend most of your time.

Round and Oval Rugs

Soften your sharp edges with a round or oval rug. Find braided styles in blue, brown, or red tones that match your color scheme. Choose reversible and washable styles to help simplify your life and make your kitchen space comfortable and functional. JCPenney has kitchen rugs of many shapes and sizes to suit your style and room. Find a round rug to soften your living space and match your décor. Choose a rug of any shape including octagon, wedge, or square. JCPenney has a kitchen rug that will fit your space just right.

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