Shop for Cuisinart Cookware and Cutlery at JCPenney

Turn your kitchen into a culinary powerhouse with Cuisinart essentials from JCPenney. Whether you're stocking your kitchen for the first time or adding an extra piece to your collection, you'll find quality cookware that is built for form and function. Choose pots and pans made from stainless steel and copper or add a pop of personality with aluminum cookware sets in unisex colors such as brown, black, red, or gray.

You'll also want sharp, high-quality knives to slice, dice, and chop your way to a great meal. Cuisinart makes the cutlery you need to tackle any task. Serious home chefs will love professional-grade knife sets made with high-carbon steel to ensure precision cuts. Casual cooks will appreciate classic knife sets housed in rich wooden blocks or colorful sets with pearlized, metallic, or bold matte finishes. Even if you don't do a lot of cooking, JCPenney offers small basic sets and essentials like steak knives which are must-haves for any kitchen.

Coffee Makers and Small Appliances for Kitchen Convenience

Ensure your mornings run smoothly with Cuisinart coffee makers and other breakfast-time essentials. Single-cup brewers are perfect for quick cups on your way out the door while espresso machines allow you to make your café favorites right at home. An electric kettle keeps hot water ready for both coffee and tea so you can enjoy a hot beverage in minutes. Add a waffle maker or a toaster to your countertop for warm hearty breakfasts in a flash.

If you want to make your other culinary adventures a little easier, Cuisinart has the small appliances you need to whip up meals, snacks, and beverages in an instant. Practice healthy eating habits with handy gadgets like an air fryer for crispy golden food without all the added grease, extractors to turn your fresh fruits and veggies into nutrient-dense juices, or blenders to whip up your post-workout smoothie with ease. You'll also find compact appliances like toaster ovens, indoor grills, and mini choppers for full function with a smaller footprint.