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Upgrade Your Travel Experience With New Soft-Sided Luggage

Whether you're planning a family vacation or you have to travel often for work, new luggage is the best way to start your next adventure. At JCPenney, you can shop for soft-sided luggage and luggage sets in different colors, brands, and styles with plenty of different price points to suit any budget. You can even find luggage that your kids can pull themselves, taking the stress off of you in fun styles they will love.

Convenience and Style for Your Next Trip

Soft-sided luggage is typically lighter than its hard-sided counterparts and takes up less space when you're unpacking. This type of luggage opens from the top instead of opening up in the middle. Suitcases that open in the middle can be space hogs, especially when staying in smaller spaces.

JCPenney offers a variety of styles for all ages and style preferences. Get your younger daughters bright-colored luggage with patterns or polka dots to make a statement and show off her style. If you prefer an understated look, you can always opt for luggage sets in black or another neutral color. Make it easy to spot your luggage on the baggage claim belt by picking out a bright color for your new soft-sided luggage.

If safety and security is a concern, then make sure you shop for soft-sided luggage that is also lockable. This type of luggage comes with attached TSA compliant locks to keep your valuables safe during your travels. A water-resistant bag will also help to keep your valuables protected if they come into contact with rain or a little liquid during your travels.

All Different Sizes and Styles for Any Type of Travel

Luggage with wheels isn't always necessary when searching for soft-sided luggage. For weekend getaways a duffel bag might be more appropriate to suit your needs. A bookbag also works well to carry through the airport, as it can fit more essentials than a smaller tote, and it's more convenient to carry than a shoulder bag. Bigger tote bags are also an excellent option for business travelers who need a place to store their laptop and other devices safely and need a little extra space for their essentials as well.

If you opt for luggage with wheels, you have the choice of both two wheels or four-wheeled-spinner bags. The newer spinner bags are popular with those who travel through airports and want to take some of the strain off of pulling their luggage behind them. The two-wheeled bags are more traditional and better suited for some travelers especially those who travel light.

Regardless what type of style you're shopping for, JCPenney has a large variety of soft-sided bags to get you ready for your next trip or adventure.

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