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Shop Pet Care Supplies at JCPenney

Shop for all your pet care supplies at JCPenney. We know the upkeep of your pets is extremely important to you, and you’re always looking for the best products for them. After all, they’re members of your family! Explore pet houses for your little pooch and ensure they have a safe area to themselves. Secure your pet well during walks with our great selection of leashes and harnesses. Some of these leashes come with waste bag sets as well, making it even more convenient for you. You can also show some love and spoil your pets with cute pet costumes and fun pet toys. Choose from chew toys for your dog or cat scratchers for your feline friend. If you’re looking for clothing, collars and leashes, travel supplies, or anything else related to your pet's needs, we have you covered.

From Dog Beds to Chew Toys and Everything in Between

Your four-legged friend needs a dedicated place to sleep, and you want to keep your home décor stylish and fur-free. JCPenney has exactly what you need! Bring home stylish beds for your furball that will fit right in with the rest of your décor. You can make sure that they are comfortable in a microfiber pet lounger. The lounger cover is made from a comfortable, durable, and cool cotton twill. Some of our loungers are reversible, allowing you to evenly distribute wear - this makes the bed last longer! Choose from a wide range of chew toys like the Paw & Tail Dog chew toy to give your pooch mental stimulation as well as anxiety relief. You can be sure that we carry the pet care products you might be looking for, so shop online and save more!

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