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Stock Up on Cat Products for Your Furry Friend

When you share your home with a furry feline, you’ll need a variety of cat products for playing, feeding, sleeping, and scratching. At JCPenney, you can shop for all types of cat products, designed with the unique needs of cats in mind. Whether you’re looking for a new bed for Fluffy or you need a better place for scratching, you can find cat trees, cat houses, cat beds, scratching posts, toys, cat carriers, feeding and watering supplies, collars, and more, all from top pet brands.

The Necessities

In order to take care of your cat, you’ll need a few essentials. Most cat experts recommend placing at least one litter box per cat, along with one extra, to prevent accidents. This means you should have two litter boxes for one cat, three litter boxes for two cats, etc. For those who don’t like to look at the box, you can always add a covered litter box or a piece of furniture that houses a litter box with a cutout for easy access.

You’ll also need bowls for food and water. If you’re trying to keep your cat’s food away from little fingers or a hungry pup, check out the suction cup-mounted bowl options. Cats need plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy, so make sure the water bowl is cleaned and refilled regularly. You can also opt for a bowl with a reservoir or a filtering fountain-style bowl that keeps clean water flowing.

The Extras

When you want to keep your cat from scratching your furniture or carpeting, it’s important to provide approved places to scratch. Cat trees work well for multiple purposes; the carpet and twine-covered surfaces are perfect for sharpening their claws while multiple levels offer spots to get up high and play. You can also pick out cat scratchers, often made of rough materials like twine or cardboard.

Cat beds and houses offer comfortable spaces to nap. Cats sleep for 15 hours per day, on average, so providing a perfect spot for sleeping will help your kitty get the rest he needs. Cat beds come in all shapes and sizes, from simple pads to covered cat houses. If your feline loves to watch the birds out the window, check out the windowsill-mounted perches and beds. Some attach via suction cups to prevent damage to your walls or window.

Active Play

Cats need to play to fulfill their instincts to hunt and kill. Choose toys with which they can engage in active play to maintain a healthy weight. Regular play with toys that thrill your cat can also limit behavioral problems and fighting between felines in multiple-cat households.

At JCPenney, you’ll find the cat products you need to give your feline the best possible life in your home.

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