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Shop NutriBullet Blenders at JCPenney

Replace your traditional blender with NutriBullet blenders that are versatile and compact. NutriBullet’s sleek designs make your everyday meal preparation a hassle-free task. From homemade dips to lip-smacking smoothies, JCPenney’s collection of NutriBullet blenders can whip up fresh juices in no time. Whether you want hot soup or fresh fruit juices and smoothies, our products are the perfect tool. Featuring multiple control buttons, the personal blender offers optimal control over all your blends. While your regular blender may have a large jug that’s better for family cooking, single-serve NutriBullets have cups to puree and crush ice and frozen fruits effectively for single servings. Their convenient design makes it easy to grab, blend, and go, all with one cup.

Mix Well with Easy-to-Use Blenders from NutriBullet

Turn to NutriBullet juicers for preparing flavorful juices and beverages. JCPenney brings you a wide range of blenders that offer great performance and price. Their sharp blades and powerful motors can blend all your fruits, vegetables, and liquids into delicious smoothies. Load it up with nuts, spinach, and berries and then push, twist, and blend to make any smoothie you want. The stainless-steel extractor blades are efficient enough to break down tough ingredients and the BPA-free plastic cups are long-lasting and durable. On top of it, these blenders are easy to clean. Simply twist off the blade, rinse with soap and water, and put the cups in a neat stack.

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