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    Slow Cooker, Do Your Thing

    You’ve heard that old adage: good things take time. Sure, you could whip up a quick and tasty meal that will satisfy you, but what about those times where you were craving a true home cooked meal of roast chicken cooked for hours and simmering in tasty herbs and spices? How about a hearty and aromatic beef stew that’s been cooking so long that potatoes have almost melted into the broth? Are you getting hungry yet? A slow cooker is just what you need to cook these types of taste meals and many more. A slow cooker is one of the most versatile appliances you can own. Tougher cuts of meat, such as brisket, shank, and rump roast, are practically inedible when cooked using other methods, but once you place them in a slow cooker, they are brought to tasty, tender perfection. Having a slow cooker in your kitchen allows you to work smarter not harder. Simply gather and prep your ingredients, place them in the cooker, and let it do the hard part. In a few hours, you’ll have a tasty restaurant quality meal that required little effort on your part.


    Take a long look at our selection of slow cookers—with one of these small kitchen appliances you’ll be perfecting all sorts of home-cooked recipes in no time!


    Keep Your Friends Warm but Your Food Warmer

    Sometimes it’s not the food that’s taking a long time—it’s people. That’s where food warmers come into play. Use them at home when waiting for the guests to arrive or if the kids have run off outside instead of sitting down for dinner. JCPenney’s range of warming trays will keep your lovingly prepared meals piping hot as if they were straight from the stove. They’re perfect for catering as well—consider utilizing hot plates and easily portable electric burners in conjunction for easy food preparation wherever you might find yourself. Due to their small size, they’re well-suited for most tight living spaces! Choose from the single-burner versions for ultimate portability or go with the more accommodating models sporting twin burners to prepare more dishes at the same time. Easy to use and even simpler to clean, a reliable electric burner is sure to serve well in any capacity.

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