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One of the simplest ways to fix up your bathroom is to update the hardware. At JCPenney, we have a wide selection of bathroom hardware accessories, including wall-mounted toilet paper holders, towel holders, and towel hooks in a variety of styles. Love chrome? We've got it. Looking for something traditional? We have that, too. If mixing and matching is your style, choose fixtures from different bath hardware collections to create an eclectic look. We sell bath hardware by the set too so shopping within a single style is simple.

Adding Some Oomph to Your Bathroom

When you want an even easier way to fix up your bathroom, you don't need to get out the hammer or screwdriver at all. Our free-standing bathroom fixtures hold your towels or your toilet paper, and all you have to do is set them on the floor or on a surface in your bathroom. Find them in elegant, attractive styles that will fit with the decor already in your bathroom. Other options, like over-the-door towel holders, give you extra storage space in a snap. Is your shower itself a cluttered mess? Consider shower curtain hooks and shower caddies. We have options that fit every shower. Tension rods holding several baskets are great for stall showers. Units that hang from the showerhead are another popular solution. Browse our wide selection of bathroom fixtures. With so many styles and finishes, you'll be able to match what you already have or discover something completely new. Shop now and save more.

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