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When it's cold outside, staying cuddled up in bed or on the sofa is all you'll want to do. Make your space even cozier with a soft, warm twin blanket. These blankets are the perfect size to cover a twin bed, but they can also be folded and left at the edge of a larger bed for easy access whenever you need an extra layer. You can even drape them over a chair or sofa to act as a luxurious oversized throw while reading or watching television. The twin sheets and blankets collection at JCPenney includes a wide variety of color options, like white, gray, navy, moss green, and teal. These solid-colored blankets are easy to match to decorative pillows in your master bedroom, guest room, or child's bedroom, or with your dorm bedding.

Beautiful Twin Blankets in Different Color Options

There are many color options in the twin blanket collection. Choose from neutral colors, like ivory, gray, and chocolate brown, or fun options like lavender and wine red. Pretty floral or plaid patterned styles are also available. Pick up a twin-size comforter sets for yourself and one to give as a thoughtful gift to friends or family members. Fabric options include hypoallergenic, machine washable woven nylon, durable and breathable Egyptian cotton, and supremely soft polyester fleece. You'll also have your choice between lightweight or midweight blankets that add warmth without feeling too heavy or heavyweight blankets for maximum coziness on cold winter nights.

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