Shop Extra Deep Pocket Sheets at JCPenney

If you find your regular sheets don't fit over your mattress, you might need extra deep pocket sheets. Luckily, at JCPenney, you'll find these sheets in plenty of different colors, patterns, sizes, and styles so that you can select an option that works perfectly for your bed and your bedroom decor. Shop for them from the best brands like Queen Street, BedVoyage, and Sealy. You can find them in thread counts of 300 to over 700.

Create a Comfortable Bed with Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

Not only do extra deep pocket sheets come in a variety of sizes, but you'll also find them made from plenty of different materials. If you'd like to create a smooth and luxurious feel for your bed, consider getting sateen sheets. Sateen sheets are soft and breathable, so they're ideal for any season. They also resist mildew, so they're good for anyone who suffers from allergies. Another popular material that's breathable is cotton. Cotton is also antibacterial and is not known to cause allergies. Although not as widely known, percale sheets are also a great option for extra deep pocket sheets. These sheets have a tight weave that's durable and smooth to the touch. They're also easy to care for, resistant to pilling, and will soften over time. After you choose your size and material, it's time to decide what color you would like for your extra deep pocket sheets. Shop deep pocket sheets in various neutral and vibrant colors now! While you’re at it, explore our collection of pillow case protectors, euro shams, and blankets too.

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