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Find Elegant Waterfall Valance Only at JCPenney

If you have been wondering what to do with your windows lately, JCPenney is here for your help. We bring you a wide range of waterfall valances that are not only stylish but also practical. A well-done window treatment can bring in color, warmth, and the perfect balance between natural light and privacy. As the name goes, the flowing drape of a waterfall valance creates visual interest. Choose from solid valances or sheer fabrics to intensify the aesthetic of your space. Just remember, when you are measuring your window for multiple valances, each layer should be wider or triple the width of the window treatment to create a lush, fuller stack.

How to Style Waterfall Valances

There are plenty of ways to create valance patterns for a window. For instance, hang multiple waterfall swag valances higher and wider to create an illusion of a larger window in any room. If you are hanging them with your existing curtains, choose coordinating fabric and colors. Stick to solid valances if you have a blackout curtain or go for sheer fabric to break the monotony. Hang the waterfall valances a few inches above the curtain to create a cascading effect and elevate the frame of your window. Create a cozy vibe with JCPenney's wide selection of curtains and window treatments. Shop now and save more online with free shipping.

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