Bay Window Curtain Rods

Turn your favorite windows into gorgeous nooks. Shop bay window curtain rods at JCPenney to find the hardware you need to hang curtains in specialty windows.

Add more curb appeal to your home when you use a bay window curtain rod to turn your beautiful windows into sparkling displays of home decor. These specially designed curtain rods come with angled joints to fit into window nooks with several sides. Shop the selection of bay window rods at JCPenney to find the equipment you need to add beautiful drapes to one of your favorite spaces.

Start shopping for these curtain rods by knowing how many sides your bay windows have. Common configurations include three, four and five sides. Opt for adjustable rods if you want to ensure a perfect fit without worrying about exacting measurements. Rods with ball connectors between the sections let you articulate the hardware to fit the exact angles of your bay windows, ensuring drapes fall cleanly along the lines of your home.

Choose bay window curtain rods in a variety of colors, including black, brown and metallic tones such as silver and gold. Opt for hardware finishes that match other accents in your room or create a statement by complementing your curtains. Valances and drapes that sport deep red or green hues look timeless on gold-tone rods, for example, and blackout panels offer a modern aesthetic when paired with curtain hardware with a silver-tone finish.

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