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Shop High-Quality Curtain Rings at JCPenney

Curtain rings, when chosen wisely, can be the center of attention. There are a variety of curtain clips that you can find but picking up the right one in terms of curtain weight, size, color, and your room décor is important. Rather than simply hanging your curtain to the rod, add colorful or metal rings to give your curtains elegant look. At JCPenney, you can find a variety of rings and clips, from bohemian style to vintage look, there is so much you can design your curtains from. Moreover, if you wish to have a certain number of pleats in draperies, rings are always your best friends.

Discover Rings for Curtains in Plenty of Styles and Sizes

There is so much to the window treatments aesthetic you can do; like a simple golden curtain rod clip can add a pop-color to the sheer white curtain. Well, the size of rings depends on the curtain rod that you choose or already have. Make sure that the rings are large enough to slide freely on the rod, so get them a little bigger. Moreover, hooks for curtains can also do well if you wish to give your curtains a ‘no ring hanging look.’ These hooks and clips come in different materials that are durable for hanging any type of fabric. If you’re among people who likes crisp pleats in their curtains, try adding a particular number of rings to the curtain rod. For instance, if you want 6 pleats use 7 rings, and if 7 then 8 rings. No matter what your needs, find the perfect curtains rings at JCPenney.

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