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Fine jewelry has never been more stunning than the pieces found in the Effy fine jewelry collection at JCPenney. Founded in 1979 by designer Effy Hematian, originally an electronic engineer, the Effy brand is at the forefront of jewelry design, crafting singularly unique and distinctive jewelry that is sure to turn heads. Each piece of Effy jewelry is infused with the designer's passion for meticulous craftsmanship, commitment to quality, and affinity for self-expression. Whether you're looking for a statement-making opal cocktail ring set in 14K gold, or a ruby pendant adorned with accent diamonds, the Effy collection is the place to find your next signature piece!

A Brilliant Collection of Diamonds and More

Known as the industry's leader in brilliant designs, Effy diamond jewelry stands timeless! Each piece of jewelry is lavishly decorated with diamonds and gemstones, some styles featuring precious and exotic center stones like sapphire and amethyst. Alternatively, Effy rings are intricately designed with precious metal in 14k and 18k gold. Options include other Effy gemstone jewelry essentials set in .925 sterling silver, such as diamond tennis bracelets. The Effy Fine Jewelry Collection contains pieces for both men and women. You'll be sure to find the perfect piece to suit your own sense of style and personality. Shop now and save more online with free shipping.

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